The best in life – sex!


The best in life - sex!

When I was executed fourteen years, first time parents left me alone with my guests. I came to congratulate my classmates, including Sasha, who I really liked. The boys brought the beer and wine, which helped us a good idea to relax and have fun. When we danced, I tried to press firmly to Sasha and sometimes feel the strains of his manhood.

Late in the evening the guests began to disperse, and Sasha was gone, too, disappointed me. But as soon as the last of the guests closed the door, there was a timid knock. Sasha stood there awkwardly and shifted from foot to foot. I silently stepped aside, inviting him to enter.

-light, I was uncomfortable to leave without kissing you goodbye. Best Website Teens Young Fuck Builder Reviews.

Sasha approached me and put his hands on my waist. From the excitement started to beat me shiver. He approached me, and our lips met. At first timidly, then more boldly, we kissed, and Sasha pressed me to her more and more. His hands stroked my back and my hip Bound something elastic and more. I was excited more and trying to snuggle closer to him. As nonstrange, I did not feel fear.

And Sasha, meanwhile, put his leg between my thighs, which were spread. His hand slowly went down and began to rise, lifting up my skirt. When she reached the panties, I tried to pull away, but Sasha the other hand even stronger hugged me through her blouse and undid the bra.

-Sasha, It is not necessary – asked I. ‘I’m still a girl.

Do not worry, I’ll be very carefully – with his hand crawled under my panties and lay down on the buttocks and the other began to unbutton her blouse. Our lips and tongues again entwined in a hot kiss. I realized that more can not resist and hugged his neck, giving complete freedom of his hands. At the same time his hand was freed from my left breast bra and began to knead it on the sly. I felt in the lower abdomen at me all drenched and shivering all over the body only intensified. Suddenly Sasha freed his hands, lifted me up and carried her into the hall. There he sat me down on the sofa, sat down in front of me on my knees and looking tenderly into my eyes, hugged just below the waist. I was a little frightened and timidly whispered:

-Sasha, Maybe not.

Instead of answering, he raised himself slightly and again dug his lips in my mouth. At the same time his hands again pulled up my skirt and began to make a circular motion, getting under my panties and gets closer to finding the secret to himself. Beyond that, he just lowered his head and stared at my left nipple. It was so awesome on that I closed my eyes and moaned softly. It seemed to me that the time has stopped, and the whole world ceased to exist. Meanwhile, Sasha with one hand released my second breast, and began to pull off my blouse. I barely lifted her back on the sofa, so it was convenient, but in the meantime he finally managed with a blouse and threw me on the couch.

When I opened my eyes, Sasha was stripped to the waist, I did not even realize he had. He continued to kiss my left breast and right hand to caress. However, his other hand rose slightly above the gum of my panties and penetrated to my very secret place. His fingers gently walked through the delicate hairs “mound of Venus” and got to the place where the chink begins. I instinctively clenched her legs, then he is with his right hand left my chest alone, hugged me by the shoulders and stared even harder with his lips to mine. I unconsciously relaxed, and Sasha is very gently and gently pulled off my bra and then as gently turned me back onto the couch. He continued to kiss me and gently stroke his left hand, and his tenderness I relaxed even more and spread her legs slightly. Taking advantage of this, he penetrated deeper into my panties. His finger went on my clit and began to stroke it. Sputum betrayed my excitement, I was got stronger and stronger. It seemed to me that a little more, and I myself will throw myself at him.

Suddenly Sasha’s lips all began to sink lower and lower, continuing to strew my kisses. His lips and tongue caressing a very detailed study of my neck, and then descended into the valley between her breasts. This heavenly bliss I felt more than ever. After that, he continued to kiss my nipples, but now alternating between them. His right hand moved gently around my waist, and left slowly pulled down the zipper skirt. I have absolutely could not resist and completely surrender to the power of his caresses. When he freely have a good laugh with my nipples, his mouth slowly crept even lower, and his hands began to pull her skirt. I all the same tried to stop him again and again squeezed his legs, but that did not help. Now, from the clothes on me were only panties. Sasha tongue caressed my stomach and my thighs with your fingers. When his hand touched up my crotch, I felt my panties soaked.

I was excited more and pulled him over. Sasha leaned on me with his body, and our lips again merged in a kiss. He penetrated her tongue deeper into my mouth, a hand trying to get to my pussy. His caresses were so exciting, that I again involuntarily unclenched his thigh and felt his finger again lay down on my clit.

Unable to bear this torture, I moaned softly, and Sasha gently began to pull my panties. I was unable to resist and allowed himself to undress completely. I lay on the couch completely naked, and the most handsome guy caressed my body. And I could not do anything about it. Or simply did not want to. Our lips and tongues intertwined, and his hands are forever caressing my naked body. From surging bliss I quietly moaning.

Sasha momentarily stopped his caresses, and I opened my eyes. He quickly took off his pants with shorts and appeared in front of me completely naked. His male organ was nervous and seemed unusually large. I’ve never seen a member of, and frightened of its size. I could not even imagine that he can fit me. From fright I tensed again and squeezed his legs.

-Sasha, Please do not, I boyus.- I said.

Do not worry, I’ll be very ostorozhno.- he whispered again and fell on me.

His lips touched mine, and the left hand continued its journey through the curves of my body. She gently stroked my thigh, waist and lay down on his chest. Fingers gently fingered nipples and I again closed her eyes in pleasure. I beat a pleasant shiver, and on genital lips flowed moisture. I struggled glared at him with his mouth and hugged, hugging her.

Sasha’s hand made a few circular motions on my chest and gently floated down. She slid on his stomach, passed sweat thigh, and along the foot to the knee. I felt his cock rested against my side. He was firm and gentle. From this extraordinary extraterrestrial contact and caresses I completely lost my head. Meanwhile, his hand gently squeezed between his knees and began to move up again. I relaxed thigh, and she reached the entrance to my bosom. His finger began to fondle the clitoris again. From what I could not stand on my feelings surging and groaned again, but Sasha kiss he silenced me again.

His hand between my thighs again sank back down and slightly parted knees. I do not offer resistance, and it is still more spread my legs. Sasha sat up slightly and lay on top of me. I myself opened her legs so that it was easier, and he fell on me. It was pretty hard, but I was pleased by this weight.

I felt his excited body rested against my labia and gently rubbed on them. My love juice literally dripped on them. I have sweetly moaned and trembled even more. And Sasha’s cock began to poke into my pussy, seeking entrance. I’m so excited, I wanted to help him, but something stopped me to take the initiative. Finally Sasha slightly raised, he lowered his left hand and placed it on my bosom. His little finger caressed my clit and lips, and sent directly to the entrance of the penis. I felt very good, as the head rested on my tender hole. From me again escaped a groan of lust.

Sasha began to slowly introduce his penis, but at first he did not succeed. Finally, he made another push, and I felt his end parted my lips and began to enter into me. I froze in anticipation, not knowing what will happen next.

Sasha paused for a moment, his hands grabbed me by the shoulders and made a sudden run immediately thrust his cock into me almost half. I felt a sharp pain in the abdomen and cried.

-Otpusti, Do not, I bolno.- ask me, but he was not paying attention and even did not kiss me.

He paused, his eyes closed, and firmly grabbed me. I bit my lip teeth to keep from crying out in pain and clutched her hands in bed. From the excitement was gone. And Sasha, after waiting a little, he continued his movements, with each thrust going deeper. Acute pain gradually gave way to a dull but fun I no longer felt, just waiting for when it will end.

Finally, he entered me completely and then froze. And when continued, his movements became more sweeping. Member almost out of me when he plunges his power again to the depths. I felt his hips beating of mine. Member since skintight vagina, I felt every vein in it. Sasha was moving faster and faster, and I could hear light spanking at every touch our bodies and champing weak because of my love juice. It seemed to me that this is not happening to me.

Suddenly Sasha slightly up on his elbows, arched his back and moaned. His cock stiffened even more. Movement became faster shorter. Finally he groaned, made a few convulsive tremors and relaxed, fell to my whole body. I realized that he was finally finished. It was hard for him, but I was so exhausted that I could not even push him away. So we lay for a while. I felt his penis began to fall, and the pain finally passed.

When Sasha took me into his gun at me flowed a mixture of water and my sperm. He raised himself slightly and lay down beside him. We were both silent for a while. Then Sasha turned to me and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

Thank you, everything was just zamechatelno.- he whispered. – I’m sorry, but I must go home, and the parents will worry.

Once again he gently kissed me and stood up. As he dressed, I remembered when I was menstruating: pregnant I should not have. I have not even got to see him off. Just lying on the couch naked and crushed. When the door closed behind him for him, and I was left alone, I came to my mind that I was a woman, and my life has changed a lot.


The best in life - sex!   At school, Alexander pretended that nothing had happened. As I tried to speak with him about the future of our relationship, he came away from the conversation. Finally, I realized that there was no continuation will not be. The first time I was going through. After I gave him the most precious thing that can be a girl, and he did not appreciate. But I calmed down with time. Although Sasha and very nice guy, but I am very sympathetic. Not for nothing since the third grade boys running after me. I believed and I still get better in their personal lives.

Then came the summer vacation, I went to stay with relatives and the summer did not see their classmates. The wounds on the soul completely healed. And when we got back, I found out that Sasha was transferred to another school with a sports bias. In September, everything went on as usual, as always

One evening, accompanied me home Gena. We got to my apartment buildings stood near the entrance, chatting cute. It was already quite late, and I wanted to say goodbye.

-Come To the apartment provozhu.- suggested Gene.

Actually, he’s not my type, but for some reason agreed. We went into the entrance and walked to the elevator. On our luck it was free. When we entered the booth Gene pushed the button the last floor.

-But My pyatyy.- I reminded.

-Nothing, Pokataemsya.- he smiled in response and boldly embraced me.

-Why? – I asked, but the hands are not pushed.

-You’re turning me on. But you still do not have a girl.

From these words, I have even taken aback, and he was taking advantage of my confusion reached with one hand under my skirt. I did not even try to resist. At this point, the elevator stopped and the doors raspohnulis. Gene jumped in fright from me. But on the court there was no one, and he took me by the hand behind him. We have risen above where the cavern was access to the attic. Now it was closed, but here we have no one could see. Here, he hugged me and hugged. His hands roamed over my body: the back, hips, buttocks.

-And Where do you want to do it – I asked.

-A Right here.

-And You know that from this are the children – I warned him.

-Can Do. I have here that est.- He answered and showed a condom.

-And Where did you get that I agree?

-And What you lose – he replied with a question pulled up my skirt.

I still stood obediently, and he began hurriedly pulling off my panties. Although I did not resist, but also did not help. Therefore, he had to spend no small effort before he did it. When he stood up, holding my panties in his hands, I reminded him:

-And What about the promised contraceptive.

Gene hasty lowered his pants and pulled out a member. He was tense and quite large. With shaking hands, but opened condom package and began to pull it. It failed him not once, but he still did it. Then he turned me back to him and slightly bent. I obediently bent at the waist and put her hands on the sill. Gene pulled up my skirt and stroked his buttocks. His touch was ridiculous to me a little pleasing, and I relaxed. When he tried to push my hips, I did not persist, and she spread her legs wider, so it was easier to get into me. I felt his head poked me in the crotch.

Gene is not immediately able to find the entrance to my bosom. But his penis parted my lips slowly began to sink into the vagina. I froze in fear, but the pain was not as sharp as the first time. Not great pains were quite tolerant. But he gradually became completely and began to move. His thrusts became deeper and faster. On each shot, I heard a light slap on the impact of his thighs on my buttocks. The pain subsided completely, and I was pleased. I very well could feel his cock in itself. The walls of the vagina very tightly encircled the penis, and I could feel every vein of that body as his balls slap on my clit.

I leaned even further, so it was easier to go deeper into me.

Finally Gene stiffened and groaned. His cock swelled. The tremors began jerky and slow. I realized that he had finished. But the term is not in a hurry to leave my womb. After standing for a few seconds, Gene still learned from my own fighter. I straightened up and turned to face him. He hastily pulled together the gum from his penis. When he did, he raised his head and looked at me. For a moment our eyes met. His eyes did not express absolutely nothing, even gratitude.

He raised his hand and showed me a condom filled with semen.

-As You see, I will not brag obmanul.- he pulled on his pants, and then the trousers.

I did not put on her panties and hid them in his pocket. Only she straightened her skirt. Gene tied the knot condom and put it in his pocket.

-On The street vybroshu.- he explained to me.

We walked down to the elevator and he pressed the call. Before my floor we fell silent. It was only when I came out of the booth, he asked:

-We’ll meet Again?

Do not znayu.- Honestly, I replied, and went home.


The best in life - sex!    With Gena we met two more times, but I will not describe. They were not much different from the previous case. I will talk about further developments.

Towards autumn we have been sending to the agricultural work. Fortunately, they were placed in a half an hour walk from our town. So often we go home on foot, not to wait for buses.

That’s the day the weather was fine, and we went to the city on foot. We – I Gene, Vadim and Sergey. Our road ran through a small grove on a barely visible path. We were having fun talking on abstract themes. Sergei was holding my hand, Gene was just walking around, and Vadim amused us with anecdotes. So we went about half way, when the air hung an awkward silence. Gene and Vadim little behind, and Sergei and they are no longer heard.

-light, And I’m still devstvennik.- confessed Sergei.

Very sorry, but nothing to help not mogu.- I answered.

Very even mozhesh.- I Objected he looked pleadingly at me.

-How Is that?

I know only one sposob.- He hugged me around the waist.

-And What do we do with the other – I showed earlier.

-And It gave them and sprosim.- He let go of me and waited for the others.

I did not hear what they were talking, but by their reaction, I realized it is they really liked. All three were quickly caught up with me. They walked in silence, not knowing where to start a conversation. The silence started to tighten when Vadim started first.

-We Are very pleased Seregina idea, we decided to support it.

-This Is what this idea – did I pretended not to understand what is at stake.

The boys looked at each other in bewilderment.

-But We’re with you dogovorilis.- Sergey even a little scared.

-And You agreed with the other – I touched it. – A condom you have enough?

-But You are now safe dni.- noticed gene.

I was struck by his memory and resourcefulness. After all, he was absolutely to the point. I really only recently ended month. If he remembered about it, I had nothing to say. I nodded his head, and Vadim pulled my hand away from the road. We walked some distance until he went into the bush, completely covering us from the road. I looked around: Around there was nothing suitable, I lay down on the grass, I did not want to. In the air hung an awkward silence. We stood silently and stared at each other. Finally I decided to take matters into their own hands. Silently, I bent down and lifted her skirt a little, took off her panties and put them in his pocket. Then I looked up and looked at the boys.

The first came to Gene. He came to me and hurriedly lowered his pants with shorts. His cock, already familiar to me, stood in full combat readiness.

-Can The rest is turned away, I still stesnyayus.- I said.

We’re here until pokurim.- Vadim answered, and they are a little moved away.

I found a tree for more comfortable and bent his hands on him. It turned out, that got me in the familiar pose. At the same time my ass invitingly rode up. I’m a little arched her back, and my posture has become even sexier. Now in front of me I would not have survived more than one guy.

Gene came up behind her and put his body into my buttocks. He did not have to look for a familiar hole head start gently sink into my bosom. It is not enough to humidify, and so I was a little hurt. But I have suffered, and he gradually sank into me completely. Gene immediately began to move, and as it moves my vagina moistens. I felt that I start to get excited. And he was moving faster and faster. His every movement provoked in me a surge of lust.

I turned my head and saw that the others will not have gone and sat there and watched, eyes wide. They even stopped smoking. I tried to imagine what is happening in their pants. The thought I have got even stronger and even started podmahivat.

Gene did not expect this turn of events, and perhaps surprise, finished. Silently, he poured his sperm into me, not even a groan. this was the first time with him. Before that, he always had a very rapid orgasm. However, his gun immediately went limp and fell out of my self. As my feet began to flow his sperm.

I stood up to a rest back and looked at Gene. It was a disappointment in his eyes. I was not clever in front of him. It turns out that I did not give him what he expected. But he smiled and slapped me on the ass.

-Do Not worry, even naverstaem.- he reassured me.

I looked at the others.

-More Will be willing – I asked.

Vadim jumped up immediately and ran up to me.

-What Can I willing – Jokingly he said, and began to lower his pants.

I again took the former position. Stand so it was not very comfortable, but I had no choice. Ode hand I clung to the tree, and the other she lifted her skirt. I invitingly arched her back and looked back. Vadim pulled out his body and approached me. He was not in a hurry to enter, and first stroked my buttocks and slightly parted them. Then his fingers lay on my labia and gently pushed them. In the opened slit he rested his penis and began to enter slowly. I froze with pleasure. When his groin ran into my ass, he started to move back. And when his cock was ready to jump, he went back inside. This was repeated several times. Inside of me spilled heat.

And Vadim began to accelerate their movement. His thrusts became faster and stronger. With his every stroke I felt his excitement rise. In the lower abdomen teplelo. I wish that it would last forever. I began to help him and start podmahivat. From pleasure I could not resist and moaned. In response Vadim tightened his grip on my buttocks. And then something exploded inside me. Orgasm hot wave has covered me. I could not help but scream. I started to beat cramp.

Vadim continued to fuck me, and orgasm for a long time did not stop. When he began to weaken, and Vadim had finished. From pleasure he groaned and made a few convulsive tremors. His cock was swollen. I felt like I poured in his sperm. I continued to moan with pleasure. This fantastic pleasure I had never experienced.

Finally we stopped. Vadim was in no hurry to pull out of my penis, and I felt him slowly weakened. When he left my womb, I stood up and sighed.

It’s just fantastika.- I could not hide my voskhischeniya.- Or anything like I had never experienced.

-I Also very ponravilos.- Vadim patted me on the ass.

At my feet I flowed a mixture of my juices and his sperm. I looked at Sergei. He did not hesitate a lot, so I walked over to him and she took his hand. I helped him pull pants and pulled out a member and barely touched his palm. But this need not be, and so he stood in full combat readiness, like a soldier.

I bent down again, having already familiar pose. Lifted her skirt with one hand, I spread myself labia, and the other sent his penis into itself. I froze with pleasure when he began gently to enter into me. It was felt that Sergei little experience. He began to move nervously at me, but I was still very nice.

He finished very fast. I was already close to another orgasm as he twitched. Spout me his seed, Sergei quietly pulled out his penis and moved away. I straightened up and turned to the boys.

Congratulations to the loss nevinnosti.- I said Sergey.

He smiled sheepishly, tucking. I straightened her skirt and panties to wear did not: afraid of dirty. According to my thighs flowed abundantly sperm three guys. I took a handkerchief and wiped the liquid flows down and perineum. But we continued to trickle out of the vagina remains of moisture. So without panties and I went home.

On the way, we walked in silence. Boys, apparently tired, but again and again I remembered the first orgasm of my life. It was a bit sad that the second time I could not. But an unprecedented feeling never left me alone. I wanted to experience it again. Moreover, that excitement, originated during sex with Sergei had not yet passed.

When we got to our yard, Gene offered to accompany me. I did not mind. Taking my hand, he led me to the staircase. We silently walked to the elevator and I pressed the call button.

-You Did not like – I asked him.

-In the past were better times, but it was still good. And you, I see, I liked it.

Yes, the first time I experienced an orgasm. I ponravilos.- Honestly I admitted.

At this point, the elevator doors opened and we entered inside. I looked expectation on which button they press. He clicked on the top floor. I gratefully clung to him and kissed. So we went, firmly pressed against each other and passionately kissing. Through the clothes, I felt his penis began to swell. I rubbed through pants in his hand.

When the elevator stopped, we are not saying a word, they went upstairs. There, he again put his arm around me and kissed me. Then he unbuttoned his trousers hurriedly lowered them with shorts. His erection is proud to break free. I mentally congratulated himself for not wearing panties: Now it was not necessary to remove them. I just turned to him and leaned backwards, cocked back invitingly. Gene pulled up my skirt and two fingers slightly spread my labia. In the vagina it was still wet. I felt a hard penis began to penetrate into my bosom. He entered me easily and quickly. Without any delay, he began to move in me. I was again struck by a wave of pleasure. Unable to endure, I moaned and involuntarily start podmahivat. And Gene even more dug his fingers into my waist and increased the pace.

From the excitement I began to get dark in the eyes. Hot wave of orgasm rolled up to me and covered. In order not to cry, I bit my lip, but did not survive, and from my cry of voluptuousness. Time stood still for me, I did not feel anything except his penis, hands and frenzied fun. I screamed and moaned. I beat a cramp, and I could not stop.

It seemed to last an eternity before it was calm. When the wave of orgasm subsided and I began to rebound, Gena has not moved me. He was breathing hard and his cock began to slowly shrink in size. Finally penis left my womb and my thighs flowed moisture. I slowly stood up and turned to face him.

-Now It was good – I asked him.

-It Was not veroyatno.- Gena.- Whispered Only you screaming scared away the whole staircase.

-Sorry, But I just could not contain himself. This I have never experienced any where. I smiled apologetically and kissed him on the cheek. – Thank you.

He just pulled his pants and buttoned them. I straightened her skirt and pulled her panties out of his pocket. They I wiped myself thighs and vagina. They richly soaked. Then we went to the elevator and called him. When I got to my floor, Gene wished me a good night kiss.

When I was alone, then gently pulled the panties from his pocket and gently sniffed them. Unusual smell gently hit his nostrils. I became excited again and not to tease a beast ran home. But the head did not go all the memory of my orgasm. I knew that I would be looking forward to their recurrence.


The best in life - sex!    Then came the long-awaited winter. Our meetings were held less frequently, but if someone did not turn out of parents house. At the same time I was able to not fall in their studies. This lasted almost until the spring. New year, I met with the family. Vacations were pretty boring. But one day before the start of classes called Vadim. He asked for books on biology, which I picked up in the library. We agreed that he immediately zabezhit me.

I had time to take a bath and prepare her bag, when there was a knock at the door. On the threshold stood Vadim. He unceremoniously entered the apartment.

-I Hope that the books are not very many.

No, but you’re unlikely to read through them in one night. Later you began to prepare for shkole.- I did not fail to reproach him.

Ignoring my remark, he went up to my room. Actually, I’m reluctant to court someone shoot, but the way books were there, had let him in.

-Sobiray Sam.- I pointed out to him on the shelf.

You’re that robbed the library – I whistled on.- so much at a time is not carried out.

-Then Choose what you urgently nado.- Proposed I. And I still organize tea.

While I was prepared and brought a tray, it is hard rustling pages. As a result, he was able to choose three.

Yes, I have not noticed gusto.-.

-To Start quite hvatit.- he assured me.

Vadim wanted to leave immediately, but I persuaded him to stay and have tea. As we emptied the cup, I was leafing through the book, they are chosen, and he was standing next to. At the same time, I felt very close to his warm and even breathing. And I was reminded of that wonderful night in the woods when it Vadim gave me my first orgasm in my life.

As if reading my thoughts, he gently put his arm around my waist. Inside me all began to play, but I did not show it. Just as if by accident, a little closer to him. I continued, as if nothing had happened, turning the pages, and it has noticeably quickened breathing. In the forest, he was much bolder. I also started to get excited, but did not want to take the initiative out of modesty. And it is only slightly increased its hug.

I probably would have had to wait a long time on his first step, and I decided to push it a little. I plucked up courage and clung to him tighter. Finally it dawned on him what he should do. Vadim hugged me second hand, and so hard pressed to imagine that now would be a fool and clear. In response, I turned to him and kissed him on the lips.

He began passionately stroking my buttocks and back. I was excited so quickly that I could not restrain myself more. I gently spread her legs and put her pubis in his leg. At the same time his cock rested against my thigh. From this contact, I blazed an incredibly strong desire. In my vagina is beginning to stand out grease. Our lips and tongues entwined in a hot kiss.

Suddenly Vadim took me to the bed and gently threw me on it. At the same time my robe fell open, shamelessly exposing my legs and lace panties. And he gently leaned on me and continued to caress my body. His hands gently passed through my legs, thighs and stomach, and stood on his chest. I closed my eyes and relaxed. From his touch the body warm wave passed.

He slowly undid the remaining buttons of my coat, and finally opened it, exposing my breasts. Then his lips lower and began to sink lower, covering caresses my neck, and made it to the excited nipples. His tongue got up so that I finally lost my head. I whispered the last effort:

-Only In my ends, or dress a condom.

I do not take it, but do not worry, I’ll do it as nado.- he reassured me.

I no longer could not stand this torment, and she pulled the zipper of his pants. Vadim understood and briskly pulled off my panties. According to my labia oozing moisture. Then he also playfully threw his pants, exposing his penis. The penis was standing and was in full combat readiness. I spread her legs, inviting him into their fold.

Vadim fell on me and I felt his head rested against my clit. I have sweetly moaned, waiting for entry of weapons into my pussy. And he did not keep a long time in coming. Burning Wand spread my labia and burst into the vagina. From surging on my senses, I cried and trembled. And it seems too perevozbudilsya. His movements were sharp and fast. He fucked me in a frenzy. His balls slapped me on the buttocks and groin hairs rubbed her clit.

But when I was ready to finish, he suddenly ripped out of me his penis and began to rub his hand. he could not finish this way and again entered me. I became intensely podmahivat him, trying to speed up your orgasm. And I did it. Inside of me there was an incredible wave of pleasure. I screamed like mad and grabbed Vadim in the buttocks that he had not left my bosom ahead of time. I continued podmahivat. He furiously inflicted blows my penis.

Finally orgasm began to recede, and I let him go. Vadim quickly drew his gun and began to masturbate again. I held out my hand and began to help his fingers. But it did not help. And I really did not want to disappoint Vadik.

I stood up and arched in the familiar pose.

-Try Tak.- I suggested.

Vadim came up behind me and again planted his penis. He grabbed my hips hands. Whatever it was easier, I spread her legs wider, but he asked me contrary to compress them. Apparently, he wanted to, what would your vagina tightly wraps the penis. And Vadim continued to fuck me. I diligently podmahivala him that he would have finished faster.

At last he came out of me. I turned to him and again began to help his fingers, but he again failed. Then Vadim put his hands on my head and my head closer to his wand. I’m a little confused.

-Try So, but then I have not poluchaetsya.- He asked.

I hesitated. After all, I have not had to do someone a blowjob. Carefully, I licked the head. Nothing to the contrary, I did not feel. Then I licked her full lips and hugged. Vadim sweet groaned. Apparently, he felt incredible pleasure. And I began to passionately lick and suck his cock. This helped me Vadik hands to make a reciprocating motion. He seemed to be fucked me in the mouth.

From oral sex finished it pretty soon. His cock stiffened in my mouth and started spewing its juice. Vadim did not let me release his body, and the whole sperm is poured into me. That would not choke, I was forced to swallow every drop. And it’s not the fountain dried up. He moaned that I just could not stop and interrupt his pleasure. It lasted more than a minute. That liquid that I could not swallow, flowed over my lips.

Finally he stopped. I opened her lips, and a member of the fallen and hung. He quickly falls down. I took a last sip and smiled, and Vadim fell exhausted on the bed. I quickly ran to the bathroom to wash. When I returned, Vadim had already dressed and ready to leave. I walked him to the door. On the threshold he turned and smiled at me.

– I have not felt such pleasure. You just know how to divine sosat.- he praised me.

Thank you, I staralas.- I smiled sheepishly.


With the onset of spring in our full-played hormones. I am approaching my birthday, and the boys decided to make me a gift: they invited me to the lake overnight. I managed with great difficulty to take time off from their parents. I had to tell a lie to them with three boxes. As long as they believed me. By car, we had to take Igor. This is an older brother Sergei. Vadim agreed with his father about the house, and Gene provides us with a drink. What is required of me, I will not explain.

That morning was surprisingly wonderful weather. It was warm and sunny, as ordered. Apparently nature has also decided to make me a gift. Kiss goodbye to my parents, I jumped at the stop where I have been waiting for the boys in the car. They drove up to the house, so that they did not see my ancestors.

In brief greeting, we went to meet our rest. I sat in the back seat, between Vadim and Gena. At the same time I, as if by chance, tried to lift up her skirt so that my knees were visible. Having your bag Sergey, I blissfully sat back and relaxed. And Igor adjusted the rearview mirror, perhaps, to see that my knees. Then I again inadvertently, gently spread them apart. If he was lucky, he will be seen and my panties. Recently, I began to like to tease the guys.

The boys laughed and joked. Jokes fell one by one and became obscene. I laughed along with them. Suddenly Gene put his hand on my knee. Of course, I did not remove it. And he began gently stroking my leg, gradually rising higher and higher. I looked at Igor. He looked in the mirror, unable to tear his eyes from the sight. Vadim did not lag behind the other and engaged in my other leg. When they pulled up my skirt so that from under it peeked my lace panties. I slowly began to start. So we went. Two caressing my knees and hips, one peeping, only Sergei was out of work. And my excitement continued to grow.

Finally we arrived at the place. It was a beautiful recreation area. Beach of luxurious white fine sand. A few small cottages. And the whole area spreading trees. Cars stopped under an awning covered. We got out of the car and breathed the air in deeply. This was spectacular. Boys got bags and carried them into the last house. I also picked up her bag and wanted to go after them, but Igor stopped me.

-light Help me cover bagazhnik.- He asked.

I agreed. When it disappeared, he came up to me and hugged. I figured out what service it needs and quickly pulled off her panties. He, meanwhile, unbuttoned pants and lowered them. My eyes appeared quite solid member. Given that my pussy was already wet, I did not waste time to prepare and bent over with his hands in the trunk. Besides, I knew that ahead of the whole day and night and four hungry guy.

Igor, apparently, is also very excited, looking in the mirror. He immediately fingers spread my labia and put his penis in my own bosom. I froze in anticipation as he thrust the sharp jerk to me his rod. His weapon of one stroke came into my pussy. The pain I cried. But Igor did not stop. He grabbed me by the waist and immediately started to fuck. The pain soon passed, giving way to a heavenly pleasure. He thrust his body into me such harsh blows that his testicles with a force struck on my clit. I could not bear such a heavenly pleasure and cried. Igor even more thrust at me and froze. I realized that he had finished. My vagina filled with sperm. He stood for a few seconds and pulled his tired fighter. According to my thighs flowed moisture. I stood up and lifted her panties.

I went to another house. While Igor get into my pants, I entered the house. The table was already laid. It was a few bottles of vodka and a snack guileless. Guys already poured into the glasses and waiting for us.

-you Only the death of Vadim posylat.- chided me.

When Igor came in, we had a drink for my birthday and my fifteen years and a little snack. Just a year ago I lost my innocence, and has engaged in sex with three guys at once, and get pleasure from it.

-Boys, Get out, I will wear kupalnik.- I said.

-And What do you hesitate? Do we have something not seen? – Said Vadim.

-But I’m still a girl. Or you find it hard to leave – I tried to push myself.

Okay, we’ll have time to swim. We have the whole day ahead. Let’s vypem.- suggested Gene and sat me on his lap.

Through his clothes he stood out the strained member. I did not give up vodka. Inside spread over heat. And yet impacted unsatisfied passion. Gene put his arm around me and stroked my chest. I’m excited and waved to decency. When he climbed into his palm under my skirt, then he raised his eyes to me: after all, panties, I never wore. He was pleasantly stunned. His eyes flashed a natural desire. Finally, his fingers reached the clitoris and the vaginal opening, still wet from my juice and Igor sperm. Then he lifted me and sat on the edge of the table. At the same time the other boys were looking at us. Gene pulled up my skirt, and I spread her legs, exposing her labia. They were bloodshot and swollen.

And Gene quickly freed from clothes his penis and sent it to my bosom. Table height was just such that they were on the same level. I threw my legs on his shoulders, so it was convenient. Gene with one hand spread my labia, and the other – sent the crown to the gaping hole. He walked slowly and all at once. I exhaled.

He grabbed my hips and started moving. Each time it struck I was rapidly approaching orgasm. Push push for a wave of lust rose in me. Again I cried out loud. Desired orgasm did not take long, and then I start to finish. Enjoying covered us both. We Gena twitched in ecstasy. I screamed with delight, and with a groan he poured into me cum. It did not last very long. Soon it was over. His cock opal and quickly began to shrink in size. I relaxed and lowered her legs. According to my thighs flowed moisture. I got up and drank juice. All the guys stared at me and waited for what would happen next.

I turned to Sergei.

Well, who wants to, too – I asked, looking into his eyes.

Silently he approached me, unbuttoning his pants. I pulled off her clothes and lay down on the remnants of the bed. It was not very comfortable, but it is better than standing cancer. Or sit in raskoryachku. I spread his legs, and fingers spread her labia. Sergei quickly pulled off his pants and walked over to me. He just lay down on me and tried to tuck his penis into me, but he failed. Then I sent the head itself in its bosom. He quickly entered me. His movements were smooth and gentle. I closed my eyes with pleasure.

Suddenly I felt something hot and soft touched my lips. I opened my eyes. Right in front of my face and stood Vadim jerked his rod. With every movement the tip lightly touched my mouth. I looked him in the eye. There could read the excitement and lustful desire. He was obviously waiting for unconventional satisfaction. I could not refuse him, and obediently took his penis in her mouth. It was not very comfortable, as Sergey continued dryuchit me. What would stem not jump out of my mouth, I had to take him deeper. I felt incredible pleasure because I fuck two guys at once. At the same time, I carefully podmahivala Sergey and Vadim helping hand.

Sergey finished first. When I was very close to the final, he suddenly stiffened and groaned. A few sharp blows and my vagina was poured out his nectar. And as I did not try, the long-awaited orgasm to me did not come. Then I became the one hand caressing her clitoris, while continuing to masturbate and to suck the penis of Vadim. It is also rapidly approaching its peak. I have used all their imagination, plying his fingers, lips and tongue. Finally he groaned aloud. He tried to shove his cock as deep as possible into my mouth. He filled me completely. And out of it shot a jet of sperm. It was so much that I almost choked. I swallowed and swallowed it, and not all dried up fountain. A few drops of juice burst out of me and rolled down my cheek.

When the eruption ended, Vadim fell exhausted into a chair and closed his eyes. I swallowed the last portion of its nectar and licked her lips. In my continued boiling lust orgasm. Unable to endure the torture, I got up and went to Igor stood in the doorway. Without asking his desires, I silently sat down in front of him on his haunches and gently prispustila its melting. On the burst will not excited, but has already begun to grow stronger body. He was still slightly damp from recent intercourse. What would give it the desired condition, I gently licked him, and took in his mouth. My lips and tongue ran over the head and the shaft, and got to the testicles. Strong did not stay there, they returned to the penis again.

Oral I tried to do as much as possible accurately that would not let him finish before I did. At the same time with one hand I caressed her clitoris, and the other – its trunk. From this game I’m all blazed passion and moaned loudly. I could not stop and plunged a finger into the fold. There continued to follow the sperm of my friends.

When Igor was about to explode, I quickly stood up and turned her back to him. It is not much I bent forward and grabbed the buttocks. I helped him find the entrance to my vagina, and he abruptly entered into me. I screamed wildly. The long-awaited pleasure covered me. Orgasm was incredible in strength. I continued to cry, and when he had finished. His cock pulsed and began its eruption. We both moaned loudly with pleasure and nectar filled my bosom.

Finally we were able to stay. Igor pulled his fighter and I straightened up. The boys stayed in the house to rest, and I ran to bathe. I did not even wear a swimsuit. Shy guys just did not make sense. Naked, I dived into the warm water. I enjoy swimming, the cottage is not ran my companions, dressed in swimming trunks. We splashed and frolicked. Sometimes one swam up to me and strove to grasp the chest, or groin. I did not resist and played up to them.

Finally, I was tired and went to the beach. I lay down on the sand, exposing her naked body to the sun. So I luxuriated under the warm rays of the boys began to emerge from the water. Gene lay down next to me and put his hand on my mound. His fingers gently stroked my wet hairs, gradually approaching the clitoris. I do not leave him unattended, stroking through the melting of his manhood. It gratefully responded to my touch and stir. Again I felt the awakening desire.

But gene suddenly removed my hand and stood up.

-Leave At vecher.- he suggested.

I had to agree.

We all got up and went to the cottage, where he again drink for my birthday. Then he bathed. And so on until the evening. Already starting to get dark when we wiped with towels and returned to the cottage.

The first house we entered into with Gena. He immediately put his arms around me from behind, putting his hands on my chest, and hugged her. I felt a touch on his buttocks through the wet fabric of his hard dick. In my excitement was rapidly grow, but my pussy was still not enough to damp penetration. Then I turned around slowly and knelt. Lowered its melting up to the knees, I freed from the captivity of the penis and licked it. Palchikov right hand I began to stroke her clitoris, and grabbed the barrel left. At the same time my lips and tongue caressed the head. Gene quietly moaned and asked me to hand the pace.

Finally on my labia flowed moisture. Now I was completely ready. By this time, the desire in me broke out with incredible force. Unable to endure this torment, I moved to the bed and lay on her back, legs spread wide. Gene quickly came up to me in the course of throwing off heat. He jumped on me and slowly tucked his gun into my vagina. I moaned from surging pleasure. The other guys were standing in the room and watched with interest for us. In their eyes, I could read the excitement and impatience.

It was nice to feel the movement of hot cock inside me. I diligently podmahivala trying planted as deeply as possible on the rod. I closed my eyes and hugged Gena, trying to squeeze him to her stronger. With each stroke of his rising warm wave within me. I broke down and cried loudly. It was not the orgasm, but only a premonition of it. But it was just not probable.

Suddenly my lips touched something soft and warm. I knew it, and so did not even open his eyes. Apparently, one of the boys did not have the patience, and he asked her. I meekly took someone’s penis in his mouth and sucked it gently. I caressed the tongue and lips that body, trying to guess who the owner. I even entertaining this game. In addition, she was a little distracted me, pushing at the time of orgasm, allowing longer enjoy wild sex.

Many people believe that all men are equal dignity, but it is not true. I, of course not very rich experience, but it allows me to judge about their individuality. I decided that the stock is more suitable to Sergei. I opened my eyes and smiled at me as it allowed full mouth: I was absolutely right. In front of me was he, smiling blissfully, and his head thrown back.

I tripled my efforts, podmahivaya and sucking at the same time. At the bottom of the stomach with a bang blaze broke out. A wave of lust was growing so quickly and with such force that I was scared, as if not to bite me suck a lollipop.

Orgasm is rapidly approaching, but Gene managed to finish ahead of me. He puffed hard, and his movements became jerky. I strongly shifted his hips to give him maximum pleasure, and soon felt in my bosom pours his seed. The guy fell exhausted, panting me. At the same time I did not forget to carefully chew another member.

Gene was not given long to bask in my naked body: the other boys too, languishing with passion and Igor asked him to give way. Sergei was not very comfortable to stand on bent legs, so we changed our posture. He sat down on the bed, leaning over the back, and I stood in the knee-elbow position, cocked his ass invitingly. Due to the proximity of orgasm I so much pined that one hand she spread her labia, inviting quickly take its place. At the same time my fingers flowed pours out of my vagina sperm.

Igor did not take long, and I felt the warm touch of his penis in my pussy. He again came into sharp jerk me. The blow was so strong that I moaned. But it was a moan of pleasure. It was nice to feel as solid flesh powerfully pushing the vaginal wall, filling the entire space. I closed my eyes and gave herself completely to the power of a pleasant feeling, but Sergei reminded me of himself, with his hands bent my head down.

I glanced at his fighter and was stupefied. From the dark, slightly curly hair towered magnificent phallus. It seemed to me that I see it for the first time. It seemed to me the most beautiful creation of nature. From admiration I eagerly accepted it in her mouth and began to suck frantically. I wanted out of him all his sap, all the nectar to the last drop.

And behind Igor with force he grabbed my hips. He fucked somehow greedily, as if for the first time had to deal with a girl. From its violent attacks, I was suddenly faced a wave of orgasm. I screamed, despite the busy mouth. Major shiver ran through my body. I felt like my vagina clenched, as if not wanting to part with the rod that brings so much pleasure.

Once the orgasm began to subside, I became even harder to do blowjob. I wanted it to last forever: two beautiful member Drilling me from two sides. I sucked a penis completely, then re-released his mouth and licking the head was taken, then suck, and again to repeat it again and again. Sergei could not stand this torture and exploded. I was struck in the throat astringent jet of sperm. I kept sucking, swallowing every drop and flow are not all exhausted. Finally, the last drops splashed and Sergei gently pushed her hands on my head his rod. He slowly crawled down, smiling blissfully.

-It Was just neveroyatno.- and could only moan softly it.

Igor rear also stopped his movement, but did not leave me. It is about something quietly whispering with Vadim. Suddenly I felt that they were something smeared my other hole. I understand that they want to do, and a little scared, but did not resist: curiosity got the better. And the boys thickly plastered my anus, and even pushed a bit mysterious ointment inside.

Igor pulled out his penis and I have it in my uper chocolate stain. He is very much grabbed my buttocks and slowly began to stick my ass on my count. Oddly enough, but this time he has acted very carefully and gently. After some attempts, finally pushed the head hole and penetrated slowly into me. It was a little painful, but quite bearable. I grabbed the sheet tighter and bit her lip. And he very carefully did translational motion, each time going deeper. Finally penis entered completely froze. His groin ran into my virgin ass recently.

For a few seconds he stood motionless, letting me get used to new sensations. Then Igor began his movement, gradually accelerating pace and increasing scale. The walls ass accustomed to the unusual lesson for them, and the pain is almost not felt. Even got a little nice. I finally relaxed.

Suddenly I was approached and asked Vadim to do his instrument. I completely forgot about him. He quickly settled down near my head and directed his cock right on my lips. I licked his undisguised pleasure and began to suck. But I wanted to have an orgasm again, and I asked him to take some time to finish.

Fuck me in the ass, apparently, it was very nice, so Igor finished fairly quickly. But he did it loudly and temperamentally. He made a savage growl and froze. We froze for a moment, and then he abruptly with sucking sound, wrenched his fighter. I left, Vadim and straightened to relax a bit. The novelty of sensations from anal sex did not leave me alone. I would like to repeat it all.

Vadim picked up his penis and began to masturbate. He looked pleadingly at me. But I also already excited and wanted his pleasure serving. I asked him to lie on his back, which he did. At the same time his cock powerfully stared at the ceiling. I sat on top and planted herself on this count. It is a pleasure filled me. Trying to pin down their buttocks testicles, I began to squat on the web, at the same time tryas clitoris on his pubis. Now I myself could select the depth and penetration rate. For me it was the most comfortable position. And Vadim did not mind, because so he could relax completely. He put his hands on my hips, trying harder to pin me to besiege and beat podmahivat me.

I enjoyed and could feel the approach of the long-awaited orgasm when Gene approached us. He stood up on the bed and approached me. My eyes appeared his fallen, but begins to give signs of life, the penis. I looked up in surprise. Had he had the desire and the strength to continue? In my dumb question Gene replied smiling. He gently put his hands on my head and demanded my head tilted to its members. I had no choice but to obediently accept this shell into his mouth.

I greedily sucked the hot candy, feeling as he fills with blood and becomes stronger. Doing this was not very comfortable, because I did not stop jumping on Vadim. But I, apparently, doing well, and leather fighter got stronger and soon was ready for battle. I myself during this time a little cool, but knew from experience that it will only increase the pleasure.

It did not last very long. Gene realized that hard for me in that position to serve the two of them and gently pushed me away. As it is a pity it was let out of his mouth this wonderful phallus, I had to do it. I again raised her face. I knew that he himself was not satisfied does not leave. And I was right, as always.

Gene walked slowly, and we came up behind me. Then he gently pushed me in the back, and I obediently dropped to Vadim and almost fell on him. My ass invitingly raised. At the same time I do not for a moment did not stop their jumps on already ready to explode penis. I immediately became clear what he wants voracious Gennady, but fear I have not experienced. On the contrary, in me grew the desire to experience the excitement and all the ways of sex.

He, meanwhile, I grabbed my buttocks and parted them with force. In my ass rested against his penis and tried to enter. Despite the remaining grease and the recent exercise in anal sex, first, he did not succeed. I even stopped his movements, that he was more comfortable, but it did not help. Then he turned his one-handed weapon and literally pushed the head into the hole. I cringed in anticipation of all the pain. Then again he grabbed my ass and with force and hurriedly began to enter. After several strong aftershocks, he entered completely and pleasantly filled me.

Pain almost was not, and I again resumed its movement. Lying was even nicer, because the clitoris strongly rubbed against harsh pubic hair Vadim. When Gene also began to move, unprecedented feeling washed over me. I felt very well, as two of the penis is rubbed thin partition between them. And the long-awaited moment arrived.

We finished at the same time with Vadim. I swept the warm wave of orgasm and I moaned. It was so nice that I involuntarily stopped moving, but Vadik has also groaned, and my bosom started spewing his sperm. I collapsed on him with his whole body, and we both shuddered with delight. But Gene continued to fuck me in the ass, from what I twitched. It was not nice to Vadim and he asked me to get up. I came to hear him, interrupting anal sex.

But as soon as we sat down on the bed, Gene immediately bent me over, calling to make him a blowjob. I was quite tired, that would resist, besides my two holes considerably rubbed for this day. So I dutifully took his body into his mouth, carefully licking and sucking it. I really tried, as she wanted, that he quickly finished and left me alone. And he grabbed me by the hair and sit down so hard my mouth on his penis, which reached the head of my throat. I was afraid to choke a bit resisted that only whet his even stronger.

Finally he ejaculated in me a jet. Sperm was not so much as in past times, and Gene did not groan so loudly. I realized that not only I was tired, but the boys too. When it was over, I collapsed on the bed and closed her eyes. Very much I wanted to sleep. Falling asleep, I heard that the guys have continued to feast at the table. But I did not care.